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Original Air Date: May 27, 2014


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Just about every airline is now offering wifi on lots of their flights these days, but the cost can range from five to fifty dollars, depending upon the device you want to use.

Today’s tip is a way to help you save money and be more productive on your next long flight.

Instead of paying for wifi to access content on the Internet, you can queue up lots of content before your flight on all your devices with an app called Pocket.

Pocket is one of the many ‘read it later’ utilities that make collecting content and accessing it later even without an Internet connection a breeze.

We’ve all been sucked down the rabbit hole of the Internet, so here’s a way to gather interesting items as you run across them, and view them later.

Pocket works across all your devices, so when you save a story from your computer and read it later on your smartphone or tablet or vice versa.

Pocket can’t let you view saved videos if you’re offline, but if you want to create a personalized newspaper for your next flight, it’s a great tool.

Check it our for yourself at