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Original Air Date: May 28, 2014


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Sifting through the plethora of video on the Internet is one of the many challenges of digital life.

It’s a challenge that many companies are trying to make easier by making Internet video a lot more like the television experience that we are all used to.

One new attempt that looks promising is a project called EndlessTV because it breaks the videos down into categories and queues them on your device to avoid streaming issues.

Say, for instance, you’re interested in technology related video, you can download the TechTV app which curates short technology related video for you.

If the video you’re watching isn’t to your liking, simply swipe to the left and the next video will load up.

I’ve been impressed with the quality of the curation so far and find that just about all of the content has been relevant and useful.

At the moment there are 16 categories that include news, fashion, gossip, tech, sports, comedy, business and a handful of other popular subjects.

As the popularity of the service grows, more channels are likely to be added, so if you’re looking for a more efficient way to watching Internet vidoes, checkout Endless TV at