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Original Air Date: May 30, 2014


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Despite our love for technology, nothing compares to curling up to a great book on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Whether you prefer books that focus on business, self-help, science, history or fiction, getting references from others is always a great discovery tool.

Amazon is great at recommending books based on what you have already read, but a site called takes it to another level.

Not only can you get suggestions based on what you’ve already read, you can connect with your friends that are avid readers and learn what they do and more importantly what they didn’t like.

Think of it as a virtual library that makes discovering new books a lot easier than roaming the aisles of a bookstore.

You can create queues of the books you’ve read, that you’re currently reading and the ones you want to read or you can create your own customized bookshelf.

Goodreads works best if you get a group of your bookworm friends to join in with you as sort of a private virtual book club.

If you’re really into discussing literature, you can join or start discussion groups that can be public or private.

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