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Original Air Date: Jun 2, 2014

Google Flights

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If you’re a frequent flyer, you likely have a handful of go-to apps and websites that help you make the best decisions.

One of my first go-to resources when my travel plans are flexible is Google Flights, because it’s fast and full of filters to hone in on what I want.

Unlike other travel resources, when you make a change to the filter, the updates are instantly displayed so no more waiting for the data to get resorted.

You can filter results by airline, number of stops, price, takeoff or landing time, flight duration and even have the results displayed on a map.

It also includes price unknown for airlines such as Southwest, so you’ll at least know if a flight is available.

But my favorite part of Google Flights is the Lowest Fares icon on the far right side, which displays a bar chart at the bottom of the calendar showing when the lowest fares are available.

Once you select your outbound and return flights, you can save the info or pop over to the airline’s website to book the flight.

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