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Original Air Date: Jul 1, 2014


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I recently went on a quest to find an app that would make a task in our household more efficient: grocery shopping.

My wife and I have used the text messaging method for years, but when the list is long, keeping track of what I’ve already picked up while I’m shopping becomes a chore.

There are lots of apps that work well if you’re both on the same platform, but she has an iPhone and I have an Android, so I had to search a little harder.

After trying a number of options, my clear favorite is Wunderlist, that’s Wonder with a U instead of an O.

Now either of us can add or remove items and when I’m shopping, I just tap on each item as I pick it up.

Wunderlist is free and supports iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Android and even the Kindle Fire, so you can share lists with everyone.

Wunderlist can be used for all kinds of list that can be easily shared, Honey-Do lists, work projects, volunteer groups and it’s really easy to use.

Try it for yourself at, remember that’s Wonder with a U.