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Original Air Date: Jul 2, 2014


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The summer blockbuster movie season is here and ducking into a cool theater with an ice cold beverage is a great way to beat the summer heat.

With that in mind, I wanted to remind you of one of our classic tips that can help you when nature calls during the movie.

It’s called RunPee and it’s an easy way to know when the best times are to run to the restroom during just about any movie.

Instead of stressing out about when to go, you can have RunPee gently vibrate your phone whenever the movie is at a slow point so you’ll know exactly when to go.

RunPee tries to find 3-5 minute long scenes that are less important so you don’t miss crucial plot twists, funny moments, or exciting action.

Parents with younger kids can use this app to be preemptive so you don’t miss any of the important parts.

You can even get a synopsis of what happened while you were away, so you don’t have to whisper, what happened to the person next to you.

RunPee works on iPhone, Android or Windows Phones and can be downloaded from