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Original Air Date: Jul 22, 2014

Dinner Spinner app

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Coming up with something new to make for dinner is a constant challenge for most of us, so we often end up with a rotation of the usual suspects.

If you’re looking for a new spin on this daily choir, checkout an app called Dinner Spinner from the folks at

When you open the app, you choose the type of dish you want to make, such as a salad, side dish or main dish, then an ingredient you have like fish or pasta and how much time you have to prepare the dish.

So when I asked for a main dish made with chicken in less than 20 minutes, it returned 25 matches that all looked pretty interesting.

When you tap the button to view the matches, you’re presented with a long list of possible recipes along with their ratings from other cooks.

If you’re feeling adventurous, just shake the phone to get a random combination to really fuel your creative juices.

If you have dietary restrictions, you can use the search option with 8 filters such as no dairy, vegetarian, high fiber and low sodium.

Bon apetit!