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Original Air Date: Jul 21, 2014

All you can eat ebooks

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The all-you-can-eat subscription model for digital content has been pretty successful for companies like Netflix, Hulu and Spotify.

Pay a flat monthly price and consume as much of the content as you want.

Several attempts have been made to offer a subscription service for ebooks, but most of them were full of titles you’ve never heard of from mostly self published authors.

But both OysterBooks and Scribd offer a pretty solid selection of books that you’ll actually be interested in reading for $9 to $10 a month.

Don’t expect the latest best sellers, but just like with Netflix, there are lots of popular titles that you probably never got around to reading.

And because they’re ebooks, you can read them offline, which means you can make use of the service on airplanes or remote locations without an Internet connection. Try doing that with Netflix!

There are signs that Amazon is about to launch Kindle Unlimited for $10 a month as well , so it’s getting really good for bookworms.

These services support most of the popular mobile platforms, so you can use your subscription across all your gadgets too.

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