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Original Air Date: Jul 18, 2014

Daily app for content generation

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When it comes to the Internet, the old adage that content is king coined by Bill Gates in 1996 continues to be true.

Valuable information, whether it’s yours or from someone else is the best way to stay connected and engaged with online audiences, but finding the good stuff can be challenging.

If you or anyone you know is responsible for developing and sharing content across various social networks, there’s an app that might make the task much more efficient.

The folks at Buffer, who have a great tool for easily scheduling content across multiple social media channels, recently launched a new app called Daily that helps you find great content to share.

Daily is a simple app that presents you with content that’s been hand picked and reviewed by humans for your consideration.

The really cool part is that it’s setup like the Tinder dating app; swipe to the left for content you don’t want or swipe to right to have it automatically added to your Buffer queue.

Daily can be a huge time saver, but it’s only available for iOS devices at the moment.

Get it by searching for Daily by Buffer in the App Store.