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Original Air Date: Jul 17, 2014

Brightnest For Homeowners

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If you’re a homeowner, you can probably relate to the Tom Hanks movie The Money Pit from the 80’s.

Even if your house isn’t hopelessly dilapidated like the one in the movie, it can sometimes feel like there is no end the maintenance tasks.

One of the ways to minimize surprises is to proactively address issues that you know are going to crop up at some point.

To specifically help you learn and remember to perform maintenance tasks, checkout a website called BrightNest.

BrightNest lets you build customized tips and schedule tasks based on your home’s unique traits like what kinds of appliances you have, the material used for flooring and countertops and whether you have a pool or not.

You’ll also be presented with a wealth of tips on cleaning, organizing and maintaining just about every aspect of your home.

There’s even a mobile app to you get alerts and reminders as well as an easy reference when you’re at the hardware store.

Listen, we could all use some help staying on top of the endless tasks at home and is a pretty darn good option