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Original Air Date: Aug 12, 2014


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If you spend any amount of time working with spreadsheets, you know how complex analysing the data can become, especially if you’re working with huge data sets.

Taking a mountain of data in a spreadsheet and turning it into a graph or chart can significantly improve your ability to understand what you are looking at.

The built-in charts can be very helpful, but if you’re looking for more tools to visualize your data, there are some great online resources to do just that.

One of my favorites is an open-source project called RAW with bills itself as the missing link between spreadsheets and vector graphics.

RAW allows you to drag and drop files, copy and paste data or type the data directly in to get started.

You then choose the layout type you want and map your dimensions by dragging datasets to the various categories.

Once you have the basic data, you can easily customize the visualization to fit your needs or your output format.

Once you’ve tweaked it to your liking, you can download the graphic and use it any way you’d like.

It’s awesome!

I’ve got the link posted at