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Original Air Date: Aug 21, 2014

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To understand how to better protect yourself online, it helps to take a slightly different tact from the norm by thinking like a hacker.

Your personal information is very valuable on the black market, so finding ways to sneak in by tricking humans is a very common plan of attack.

They figured out a long time ago that the best way to get to mom and dad’s information is through your kids.

Enticing your kids to download free games, screensavers, music, movies or programs that would normally cost hundreds of dollars allows them to sneak malicious programs into your computer.

One of the reasons that this is so effective is often times, mom and dad are using the same user profile as the kids and they generally have full administrative rights.

If this is how your home computer is setup, I strongly recommend you make some changes.

Setting up a separate user account for your kids and limiting the rights of that account can go a long way to protecting everyone in the house.
Each operating system is different, so If you don’t know how to do this, get someone technical to help you...this one’s important.