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Original Air Date: Aug 22, 2014


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Keeping our mobile devices charged continues to be one of the biggest challenges in the digital age.

Having the right cable and the right charger for each of your devices means lugging around a small warehouse of cables and wall plugs...I can’t wait for universal wireless charging to get here!

The promise of a truly wireless future is something we all look forward to AND one of the more promising technologies for wireless charging is called WiTricity.

Originally a research project at MIT in 2007, it’s slowly evolving into a technology that we could see all around us in the near future.

Imagine having wireless charging transmitters hidden under desks, kitchen counter tops and the center console of your car.

Everything from our smartphones to our electric vehicles may be recharged wirelessly just by being near a charger when WiTricity based products eventually hit the market.

WiTricity achieves wireless energy using resonant energy transfer based on Synchronized Magnetic-flux Phase Coupling phenomenon; yeah I don’t get it either, but I want it.

You can check out existing products that are being tested and the potential applications for this exciting technology at