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Original Air Date: Sep 4, 2014


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Google Maps has become the de facto mapping system that most of us use when we’re out and about, but if you spend a lot of time in a car commuting, there’s a better way.

Waze is a community based traffic and navigation app that is the best way to get real-time traffic and road condition information on your commute.

Waze is so awesome, Google acquired them last year and started incorporating some information from Waze users right in Google Maps.

But if you want the ultimate commuters tool, get the Waze app on your phone today.

Not only can it help you avoid traffic, road hazards and rubber necking from accidents, it can help you find the cheapest gas along your route.

Just by having it running in the background, you passively contribute real-time data to help your fellow Wazers

Waze is also a community edited mapping system so it can also be a more accurate way to navigate cities that you aren’t familiar with.

As much as I like Google Maps, when it comes getting the best navigation info, Waze is the way that’s W A Z