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Original Air Date: Sep 5, 2014


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Shooting video with your smartphone is great as long as you aren’t walking while shooting the footage. We’ve all seen those unwatchable videos posted online.

Movie crews solve this problem using expensive stabilization equipment like Steadicams and some attempts have been made to create something similar for smartphones.

But now you don’t need to buy any special clunky hardware if you own an iPhone. The folks at Instagram just released a free app that makes it possible to get smooth video even while you’re moving.

It’s called HyperLapse and it’s a stand-alone app, so you don’t have to be an Instagram users to take advantage of this cool technology.

By using the gyro in your iPhone, the engineers at Instagram have created a clever way to stabilize video without having to use expensive video editing software.

They also added the ability to create time lapse video in the same app, so it’s a no-brainer for anyone that loves capturing movement with an iPhone.

It’s also a really easy app to use because the only setting is the speed of the playback.

Search the Apple App Store for Hyperlapse to learn more!