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Original Air Date: Sep 8, 2014

Facebook Autoplay Video

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Does it seem like your mobile data usage has gone up over the past couple of months?

If you’re an active user of Facebook on your smartphone, that might be the reason.

You’ve probably noticed that posted videos will automatically start to play as you scroll past them these days.

While this can save you time by not making you tap to see it, it can also cost you if you don’t have an unlimited data plan.

Take a minute to look at the settings on your Facebook app to see how the Video Auto-play is set.

If it’s set to on, it’s chewing up your data plan every time you scroll past a video.

If you like the convenience of video auto-play, change the setting to Wi-fi only to reduce your mobile data usage.

If you could care less, change it to off and tap the videos when you want to see them. And if they start autoplaying again, you’ll know the setting got changed.

I’ve got the link to instructions on making this change for iOS and Android devices posted at