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Original Air Date: Sep 10, 2014

Just Landed -

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When friends, family or a business associate flies to your city, coordinating the pickup at the airport is always an exercise in guessing.

Invariably, we end up at the airport too early or too late because one of the many variables changed and we didn’t catch it.

When should I leave for the airport?

Is the flight on time?

When did the plane actually land?

Which terminal will they be in?

If you want a better way to track all the variables and get an alert when you should leave for the airport, checkout an app called Just Landed.

Instead of counting on the person that’s flying to notify you of changes, Just Landed tracks everything for you automatically.

It even tracks your current location and changing traffic conditions against real time flight data to adjust your alerts.

That means you can run errands while you’re waiting for them to land and know when to head to the airport no matter where you are.

It’s simple to use and it’s free, but at the moment, it’s only available for the iPhone.

You can get Just Landed at