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Original Air Date: Sep 11, 2014

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The Ice Bucket Challenge that drew attention to ALS has been one of the biggest online phenomenons in the Internet’s short history.

Another Internet resource that was created as a result of ALS is a website called

Launched in 2006 by Ben and Jamie Heywood in response to their brothers diagnosis of ALS, it’s become the premier treatment, symptom and outcome-sharing community online.

When you or a family member is diagnosed with a serious illness, it’s easy to feel like you are all alone in your battle, but you’re not.

Finding others that are experiencing the same issues and comparing treatments, symptoms and general experiences can become a valuable support system.

Whether you want to give or get support from like minded people who are experiencing the same thing as you, PatientsLikeMe is a great way to make the connections.

You can also use the site to track your health over time and contribute the data to research if you so desire. has over 250,000 members that are dealing with over 2000 conditions, so you’re likely to find many others that can relate to your situation.