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Original Air Date: Oct 24, 2014

Social engineering trick - fake video codecs

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I can’t believe you got caught doing that on video...have you seen this?

That’s an example of a social engineering trick that continues to be used to dupe people via email and social media.

The idea is to get you so worked up over what might be in the video that you let your guard down.

When you get to the site that has the alleged video, you’ll be told that you need to update your video player or add something called a CODEC in order to watch the video.

In your hurry to see this incriminating video, you allow these items to be downloaded and installed into your computer and bingo, you’ve just become their next victim.

Tricking you into installing their malicious software allows them to do just about anything they want and it won’t even be that obvious that you’ve been compromised.

This tactic is on the rise again, so be alert and never install any type of video player update that pops up on your screen.