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Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2014

Windows 10 & what ‘beta’ means

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You may start hearing about Windows 10 as Microsoft begins another development cycle and wonder what happened to Windows 9.

According to Microsoft, they want to let the world know that the next version of Windows will not be an incremental update to Windows 8.

Windows 8 has had such a tough time with both consumers and businesses that Microsoft claims it’s taking a much different approach this time.

At the moment, Windows 10 is a development project, so unless you’re a developer, steer clear of any download offers.

Even when Windows 10 goes into its ‘beta’ phase, avoid installing it.

Whenever you see beta on any program, it’s essentially telling you that the product isn’t done yet and that you’ll be a guinea pig if you install it.

The best estimates so far is that Windows 10 will initially launch in late 2015, so it a long way off.

But now when you hear about Windows 10, you don’t have to wonder what happened to Windows 9, because now you know!