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Original Air Date: Oct 31, 2014

Canary Home Security System

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One of the more exciting areas in the technology world for me is in the Internet of Things.

Connected gadgets like thermostats, smoke detectors, lighting systems are making do-it-yourself home automation both affordable and easy to use.

One of the more interesting gadgets in the home security arena is a device called the Canary.
It’s an intriguing approach to home security because it doesn’t require you to install sensors all over your house.

The Canary is a single device that has a number of sensors that you place in a central area of your home. There’s nothing to install, just plug it in and connect it to your wifi.

Canary monitors motion, noise, air quality, temperature and humidity and learns the rhythm of your home so it can be smart about alerts.

When it senses something unusual, it notifies you with the option to watch a live HD video stream on your phone to see for yourself.

Canary was crowdfunding project last year and is slated to start shipping soon. Check it out at