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Original Air Date: Nov 3, 2014

Seek Thermal Camera

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Thermal imaging cameras are able to detect infrared light in complete darkness, so you can see things thermally.

We’ve seen a recent increase in devices that can turn your smartphone into a thermal imaging camera but most of them are pretty expensive.

But now, for $200, you can turn an iPhone or Android smartphone into a camera that can see in the dark with the Seek Thermal camera.

The 3 inch device plugs into the power connector on most smartphones and allows you to take still photos or a video in the dark.

The images are very low resolution, so they’re grainy, but if you want to see if something is lurking in your backyard or in a dark alley, the Seek Thermal camera can do the job.

Thermal imaging can also let you can see where pipes are clogged, hot air is escaping around your house or check the surface temperature of just about anything.

If you’ve been intrigued by this technology, but didn’t like the pricetag, checkout Seek’s device at