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Original Air Date: Nov 4, 2014

Filling Out PDFs via the web

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PDF stands for Portable Document Format and it’s become a standard for publishing forms.

But when you download a form, generally you print it, fill it out by hand and then you have to scan, fax or send it back via snail mail.

You can install special software that’ll give you the ability to fill out the form electronically, but that’s a bit of a hassle, especially if you only need it on occasion.

The next time you need to fill out a PDF form, give a sight called a try.

Because it’s a web-based app, there’s nothing to install, so you can edit and fill out forms whenever you find the need from any computer you own.

You simply upload the PDF you want to work with to the site and either fill in the pre-defined text boxes or use the Text tool to add text anywhere on the form and save the filled out form on your computer to email it. it!