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Original Air Date: Nov 18, 2014

Windows Shutdown tip

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Don’t you hate it when your computer takes forever to shut down ?

While the temptation to hit the power button to force it to shutdown is understandable, it’s a really bad idea.

Your pc creates lots of temporary files as a normal course of operation that are tagged for deletion when you tell it you’re all done.

Windows has an extensive housekeeping process that gets performed whenever you tell it to shut down, reflected by the flashing of the hard drive light on your computer.

Not allowing it to finish can fill your hard drive with junk.

When a computer starts to get low on disk space, it can dramatically impact the performance.

So, if you’ve done this a few times in the past, you can track down the junk files and get rid of them with the built in Disk Cleanup utility.

This is one of those times when patience is a virtue and a benefit.

By the way, you Mac users should follow the same rules to keep things running smooth.