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Original Air Date: Dec 2, 2014

Charge Blocking

Yesterday, I told you about juice jacking which can allow USB charging stations to access your private data without your knowledge.

If you’re a heavy traveler, especially internationally, you might want to invest in a little device called the Juice Jack Defender.

This 15 dollar adapter will allow you to use any USB charging connection with confidence because it blocks access to the data on your mobile device while it takes a charge.

USB ports are designed to both charge and communicate with mobile devices, which is what you want when you’re connecting to your own computers.

But when you’re connecting to an unknown charging system the Juice Jack Defender turns that connection into a one way street.

While juice jacking is more of a possibility than a probability at most public charging stations, there’s no way to detect a safe USB charger from a malicious one.

If you can find an AC outlet and use your own charger, do so. If you can’t, this tiny blocking device will make sure you’re safe.

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