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Original Air Date: Dec 3, 2014

NoScript for Firefox

One of the reasons that the Internet can be a dangerous place these days is from something known as scripts.

Scripts are like macros in your word processor; they're a list of commands that automatically run when you visit the site.

While the use of scripts can range from generating animation to serving ads, they can also be used to coax your computer to execute malicious commands in the background.

One of best ways to prevent being exploited by rogue scripts is to use an add-on for the Firefox browser called NoScript.

NoScript prevents any script from running unless it’s from a trusted website that you’ve approved, so you can slowly customize the filter.

While most scripts are needed in order for a website to function properly, putting you in control of when and if provides an extra layer of protection.

Now, because NoScript is a free open-source tool, it does require you to spend some time learning how it works, but it’s time well spent.

Check it out at