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Original Air Date: Dec 26, 2014

Dashlane Password Changer Tool

Making sure you use a different password for each of your online accounts is nearly impossible if you’re going to rely on your memory.

Password management apps are one way of maintaining good security without having to remember everything and there are lots of great options available.

A couple that I like include RoboForm and LastPass, but another company called DashLane is working on something new.

Having your passwords compromised is likely to occur when someone you do business with gets breached, so Dashlane wants to make changing passwords much easier.

Dashlane can automatically change passwords on over 75 popular online accounts with a single click whenever you hear about a high-profile breach.

Their password generator comes up with a new, strong password, makes the change for you automatically, and saves it for future use.

Breaches are a fact of life and Dashlane is trying to make dealing with them quick and easy.

The tool is currently in beta, but the link to get on the waiting list is at