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Original Air Date: Jan 8, 2015

Does a ChromeBook make sense?

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There’s a mobile technology that’s been around for years that may become a viable option for many of you this year.

It’s a Google Chromebook, which looks and works like a regular laptop, but only costs a couple hundred dollars.

It uses Google’s Chrome OS and Google’s suite of apps, such as Google Docs that can be used offline.

Chromebooks won’t run traditional computer programs, so they’re not for everyone, but if you spend most of your time on the Internet, it could be a solid alternative.

Younger kids and seniors in particular may benefit from this platform because it’s cheap, simple to use and bypasses all of the malware that targets Windows and Mac users.

If you’re finding that most everything you care about is now in the cloud, a Chromebook may be worth taking a look at in 2015.

If you’re an Android phone user, watch for deeper integration between your phone and Chromebooks this year.

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