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Original Air Date: Jan 7, 2015

Dispose of E-Waste properly

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Chances are, you acquired some new electronic gadgets this holiday season, which means you’ll have older tech that you no longer use.

If it has a power button, plugs in or has batteries, it’s likely to contain toxic waste, so whatever you do, don’t throw electronics in the trash.

Start by checking with charitable organizations in your area to see if they can repurpose your old technology. Just because you can’t use it, doesn’t mean it’s obsolete.

If it’s just too old and needs to be recycled, make sure to find a proper electronic waste recycling program.

Our tech gadgets are loaded with arsenic, lead, mercury and a host of other toxins that wreak havoc on our landfills and groundwater.

Unfortunately, 75% of the 3.4 million tons of electronic waste generated in the US is still ending up in landfills because so many people just aren’t aware of the problem.

Do you part this year and properly dispose of your electronics and make sure you tell a friend to do the same!