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Original Air Date: Jan 6, 2015


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How often do you find yourself trying to show various pictures on your smartphone to a group of people?

You either try to cram everyone around your screen or pass your phone around and have the same conversation multiple times.

The folks at Microsoft felt that there needed to be a better way, so they created an app called XIM, that’s X I M.

Now you can share your photos without having to share you phone.

You simply select a series of pictures on your phone, send a text message or email invitation to your friends for simultaneous viewing from their own smartphones.

The best part about it is that no one else needs to install the app, just the host.

Anyone can advance, pan or zoom the pictures to move the slideshow along; it quickly allows you to involve everyone at once.

Xim works on iOS, Android and Windows phones and it’s free

Checkit it out at that’s G E T X I