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Original Air Date: Jan 20, 2015

3D Food Printer

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When you first hear the term 3D food printer, you’ll probably roll your eyes and chuckle at yet another crazy tech idea.

If you jump to the vision of a machine printing a steak dinner, I can understand why.

But 3D food printers may actually become part of your life in the foreseeable future, believe it or not.

At the moment, most of them are creating confections, baked goods and pizzas as more of a proof of concept exercise.

But we’re starting to see interesting concepts that use fresh vegetables so you can create quick meals with healthy organic ingredients.

Imagine printing customized meals for each member of your family based on their health needs.

For now, you’ll probably get served a personalized confection from one of these gadgets as your first encounter.

The commercial use of this new technology will likely lead to consumer adoption as new use cases are discovered.

As goofy as this device may seem on the surface, the microwave oven wasn’t immediately understood or trusted either, so don’t discount them just yet.