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Original Air Date: Mar 11, 2015

Kenu Airframe

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For most of us, our smartphones have become our music players and our navigation systems in our cars.

Having your phone in the proper position to be of use is much safer than fumbling around with it while you’re driving.

An interesting option for positioning your phone on your dash is the AirFrame from

It’s a lightweight holder that clips to just about any air vent on your dash so that it’s in a better line of sight for navigation and music.

There’s no need for adhesives, suction cups, magnets or special cases and it adjusts to hold just about any size phone, even with a case

The AirFrame costs $25 to $30 depending upon the size of your phone and it’s available at; that’s spelled K E N

Keep in mind that if you’re blowing hot air through the vents, it can overheat your phone, so I wouldn’t recommend using it in those situations.

And remember, no texting while you’re driving!