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Original Air Date: Mar 12, 2015


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Booking flights, especially multi-city trips can be extremely time consuming if you want to find the best fares.

It’s not unusual to spend many hours over several days to really find the best flights, especially international flights.

On a recent booking, I decided to try out a service called FlightFox that claims that they have flight hacking experts.

They charge $49 for a single city trip and I wanted to see if they were able to find anything I couldn’t.

You start by describing your trip; destination, dates, flexibility and any other details that will help your expert understand what you’re looking for.

Within an hour, John was engaging with me through the website to drill down on the details.

He clearly found everything I was able to find with my hours of research and some options I hadn’t considered.

In the end, it was clear that they are very thorough and would have saved me more than $49 worth of my time.

See how it all works at