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Original Air Date: Apr 8, 2015

Fountain App: Live Expert Home Improvement Help

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If you own a home, you’re well aware of all of the home improvement tasks that are waiting on you.

Time is generally the biggest enemy, but sometimes its a lack of expertise that keeps you from attacking a project.

Well, there’s an iPhone app for that….and it’s called Fountain.

Fountain is a new entry into the expert network space and what makes it different, is that it offers live expert help that fully uses the power of your smartphone to engage with an expert.

Not only can you talk to them, you can show them what you’re struggling with via live video or use pictures that you can draw to better explain the problem.

It’s like having an expert in your pocket; talk to an architect, interior designer, master gardener, carpenter, plumber or appliance repair specialist whenever you need them.

At $7 per 15 minutes, it’s a pretty cheap option for getting expert help.

If you have an iPhone and a home improvement question, checkout