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Original Air Date: Jun 9, 2015

Periscope for Android

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A recent phenomenon in the world of social media is the ability to live stream just about anything from your smartphone.

Apps like Periscope, which was acquired by Twitter, have become all the rage for sharing just about any experience by live streaming the video right from your phone.

The app makes it easy to take your friends and family along on a hike, to a little league game, live music event or just about anything you want to share.

Periscope was initially launched as an iPhone only app, but now it’s available for Android users as well.

Even if you have no interest in sending out live streams of your own, don’t let that stop you from getting the app.

You can find celebrities, news reporters, politicians, sports fans and millions of others that are using Periscope to share events in real-time.

It’s an interesting new trend in sharing you might want to look at.

You can Find the Periscope app in both the iPhone and Android app stores.