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Original Air Date: Jun 10, 2015

Roads & Kingdoms

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Travel and food websites seem to be growing in popularity, but most of them have a lot to be desired.

Too little content and too many annoying ads is what plagues most of them.

But a recent announcement that Anthony Bourdain was getting involved with a website called Roads & Kingdoms has brought a lot of attention to this very cool site.

It’s an award-winning digital journal of food, politics, travel and culture and it’s an excellent resource for anyone interested in any those topics.

Their long-form stories and beautiful photographs provide a sensational way to discover new foods, travel destinations and people around the world.

You can explore new things by continents, food and drink, politics and culture or travel.

One of my favorite sections is called 5 O’clock Somewhere which explores a different culture by its beverages every day.

If you’re looking for intelligent writing and beautiful imagery without all the distracting ads that are so common everywhere else, checkout for a breath of fresh air.