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Original Air Date: Jun 11, 2015

SensorWake - Wake to Smells

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Download the MP3

If you’re one of the millions that struggles with finding the right type of alarm clock to wake you up, maybe a change of senses will help.

If using sounds that range from gentle to obnoxious just aren’t doing the trick, why not try using your nose to wake up?

That’s right, there’s a new Kickstarter campaign to create the SensorWake alarm clock that allows you to use fragrances to gently wake you up.

Imaging waking up to aromas like coffee, a hot croissant or the lush fragrances of jungle flowers.

The SensorWake alarm clock allows you to choose your smell alarm with cartridges you plug in that are good for 60 alarms and sound only as a backup

The idea came from an 18-year-old French entrepreneur with a vision of making everyone wake up happy and the KickStarter campaign has already passed its funding goal, so it looks like it’s going to happen.

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