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Original Air Date: Jun 22, 2015

Hound Voice Recognition

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Voice recognition continues to evolve as a user interface and in the near future, you may find yourself hardly ever using your keyboard.

Siri and Google Now are leading the way on smartphones, but a small California company seems to be way ahead of both of them.

Soundhound, which is known for it’s music recognition app, is showing a demo of their voice recognition app they call Hound.

They’re touting their speech-to-meaning technology as a difference and the demo is pretty impressive.

It shows Hound quickly responding to extremely complicated questions like when is the sun going to rise two days before Christmas 0f 2021 in Tokyo Japan.

The speed in which it responds to these complicated questions in the video makes it almost seem fake, but various third parties claim the technology is real.

Android users can request an invite once it’s released with an iPhone version to follow.

I’ve got the links to the demo video and invitation site posted at