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Original Air Date: Jun 23, 2015

Expense Reports That Don't Suck!

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If you travel for business, you know the ongoing hassle of expense reports, especially if you’re doing everything manually.

Well, since you have a smartphone with a camera, using an app can help you go paperless in a hot minute.

Expense reports that don’t suck is the claim that an app called Expensify is making.

By using your smartphone camera, you can take pictures of each receipt as you get them, which can be scanned and read to eliminate manual entry.

You can also automatically import expenses from bank or credit card accounts to cut down on more manual entries.

At the end of your trip, all your expenses will be ready for you to categorize or edit without having to dig through your briefcase, wallet and laptop case to make sure you have everything.

Expensify basic features are free and their app is available for iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry smartphones

You can start testing the free version with just your work e-mail address at