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Original Air Date: Jul 6, 2015

Google Trends

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Google offers so many fantastic free tools, especially for business people.

A lesser known tool but one of my absolute favorites, Google Trends, just got some interesting upgrades.

Google Trends allows you to mine Google’s enormous database for any search-term you can think of to see how often it’s used relative to the total search universe.

Not only is it a great way to find keywords that will attract relevant users to your website, it’s an amazing market research tool.

You can look for trends in specific countries, states or languages and get a chart showing the interest over time.

You can change the timeframe from the past hour back to 2004 and see relationship between multiple terms.

It’s a great way to see seasonality of keywords, which can help with a variety of business planning tasks.

If you’ve never used Google Trends, make it a point to spend some time learning how to use this incredibly powerful tool.

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