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Original Air Date: Jul 16, 2015

Google Smart Lock

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Remembering passwords continues to be one of the biggest challenges we all face and password management tools continue to be developed by a whole host of companies.

Well, you can add Google to that list with their newly launched Smart Lock feature that works on Android devices, Chromebooks and with the Chrome browser on your computer.

You’ve been able to tell the browser on your computer to save a password for years, but when you use your smartphone to access the same site, you have to remember your password.

Google Smart Lock aims to give you a way to sync your passwords, so passwords saved on your smartphone will be saved on your computer and vice versa.

The Android app is designed to keep your phone unlocked when it’s safe by recognizing things like location, other devices or even your voice and locked when it senses it may not be safe.

It’ll help cut down on the frustrating ‘forgot password’ routine on your trusted devices.

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