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Original Air Date: Jul 21, 2015

Mega for transferring huge video files

When you take high definition video with your smartphone, sending the video to someone else can get to be a challenge.

Many of today’s phones create videos that can be over 100 megabytes per minute, so e-mail is out of the question.

Uploading it to Facebook or YouTube can reduce the quality and make it public, which you may not want.

A two minute HD video is generally even too large for one of the many free file transfer services so a file sharing service usually works best.

I use Google Drive and DropBox for files that I care about and use Mega for temporarily sharing large files with others. actually offers 50Gbs of free space, but it’s owned by New Zealand’s Kim Dotcom, a controversial figure in the tech world so I’m not comfortable using it for anything permanent.

There’s nothing wrong with the service itself, I’m just not convinced it will be around forever because of his legal troubles, so user beware.