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Original Air Date: Jul 20, 2015

Duplicate Photo Finders

Just about every digital camera or smartphone is capable of taking very high resolution pictures these days, but there’s a side effect of all those extra pixels

High resolution images means large file sizes, which can start to fill up your computer if you aren’t careful and lead to big trouble!

Depending on far back you’ve been storing digital images on your computer, it’s possible that you’re taking up a bunch of unnecessary space with duplicate images.

Trying to find those duplicates manually would be an exercise in futility, so you’ll want to get some help with one of the many duplicate photo finder apps.

Since duplicates don’t generally reside in the same folder, these apps can scan all your picture folders to determine how many duplicates you have and where they are stored.

It’s the easy way to clear large chunks of space from duplicate pictures on your hard drive.

If posted links to a couple of free programs for Windows and Mac computers at