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Original Air Date: Jul 23, 2015

Vortex Toy Robot that teaches code

Robotics is a huge growth field that’s evolving quickly; it’s something our kids will likely take for granted 20 years from now.

With that in mind, when is it time to introduce today’s kids to concepts like robotics and coding?

Well, one company thinks 6 is not too early and they’ve got a Kickstarter project to create something they call Vortex the robotic toy reinvented.

It’s a small round robot that kids can play with and actually build programs for without having the learn any serious code.

It pairs with a smartphone or tablet so it can be maneuvered by tapping on the screen and controlled with various commands and game objects.

The real interesting part is the drag and drop function modules that can get your child started on basic programming concepts.

This open-source project could get very interesting down the road!

Vortex hasn’t reached it’s funding goal yet, but if you want to learn more or back the project, checkout the link I’ve posted at