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Original Air Date: Aug 7, 2015

List of places that support 2FA

I’ve been constantly reminding all of you to turn on 2 factor authentication for all of your online accounts because it continues to provide an extra layer of protection.

You’ve been using 2 factor authentication for years with your debit card because you have to have both the physical card and the associated PIN.

Imagine a debit card that didn’t require a PIN...well that’s what doing with your online accounts if you don’t turn on 2 factor authentication when it's available.

Once you turn it on, a cyber-thief that acquires your username and password would also need get their hands on your smartphone in order to make use your account.

It’s also a great way to know when someone has stolen your login information.

Just about every major online service or bank offers this protection.

If you want to see which services offer it and how to turn it on, I’ve posted a link to a site with a comprehensive list at