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Original Air Date: Aug 6, 2015

Bike Tag

The Internet of Things refers to everyday objects having sensors and Internet connections to enhance what they can do.

It allow us to remotely control, gather data and create automated alerts for things like thermostats, lighting systems or web cameras and now you can add your bicycle.

A startup called BikeTag is about to launch a smart safety sensor for your bike.

The basic concept of the device is to provide auto-tracking and crash detection by mounting it under your seat.

The aim is to eliminate the need to remember to turn something on in order to track your ride or notify someone where you are if you’re in a crash.

It’ll also allow you to upload your rides to your fitness tracking site when you finish automatically, if you choose.

Now, it relies on the GPS in your smartphone, so it can’t be used to track stolen bikes.

The BikeTag will cost $100 when it’s released, but you can pre-order now at 35% off.

Learn all about it at