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Original Air Date: Aug 5, 2015

Marshall Smartphone

If you use your smartphone to listen to music without the headphones, you know that the sound volume can be less than optimal especially in noisy environments.

Well a new company in the smartphone business claims they have the ‘loudest mobile phone on earth’ for music fanatics.

Marshall, the company known for its legendary guitar amps and headphones is about the launch their first Android-based smartphone in Europe they’re calling London.

There are some unique features that are clearly focused on creating the ultimate phone for music lovers like two forward facing speakers, a dedicated music sound processor, Bluetooth with CD quality sound and two headphone jacks with separate volume controls.

It’s got me intrigued!

Unfortunately, it’ll be a while before it’s available in the US, but if you want to keep tabs on their progress, you can get on their e-mail list at