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Original Air Date: Sep 2, 2015

Arlo - Truly Wireless Webcams

If you’re looking to use webcams to monitor your property or business, there’s no shortage of options that are wired or wireless.

Wireless webcams are really not wireless if you have to plug them into an outlet.

Not only can this make it unsightly, it severely limits where you can put your cameras.

If you’re interested in a truly wireless solution, checkout Netgear’s Arlo security camera system.

The HD cameras are weatherproof and use special long-term batteries so they are truly wireless.

They aren’t a good solution if you want to constantly stream video, but if you want a motion sensitive monitoring system, they’re worth a look.

I set them up to monitor the front and back doors of a rental property when it’s not in use so if someone approaches, I get an alert with the option to view a 10 second video to see what’s going on.

Your smartphone becomes your monitoring service!

Learn all about it at that’s A R L