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Original Air Date: Sep 1, 2015


Apps that let you create stop motion video animation with your smartphone have been around for a while, but a new entry called Stikbot takes a slightly different approach.

The free app works like most every other app I’ve ever tried, take a picture and a ghost of the image appears as a guide to help you setup your next frame.

For instance, you can make a fork move around a plate by making sure the plate is lined up in each shot while you reposition the fork.

Where Stikbot differs is through their optional Stikbot figurines that can be purchased for 10 bucks.

The figurines are designed to make stop motion simple through flexible limbs with suction cup hands and feet.

It’s an interesting combination that could be the beginning of a movie making career or a just a fun way to waste a lot of time.

You can see it action and get the free app at, that’s spelled S T I K B O