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Original Air Date: Sep 8, 2015

Amazon Trade-In for Electronics

Amazon’s a great place to find just about anything, but did you know that you could also trade-in your old stuff to pay for your new stuff?

Amazon’s Trade-in program will buy your old phones, cameras, tablet, laptops and other electronics as well as books, movies and video games.

You start by choosing the category of the item you want to trade-in and using the filters to find it or search for it by name.

When you find it, you’ll see an ‘up to’ price with a yellow Trade In button that get’s the process started.

You’ll need to sign into your Amazon account to get a price based on the condition it’s in: acceptable, good or like new.

If you decide to sell it, you’ll need to send it in, but Amazon covers the shipping too!

If you’re an Amazon junkie, making use of the trade-in offers can both declutter your life and save you some money, so check it out.

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